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How Can I Protect Myself When I Don’t Know What I’m Facing?

There is a familiar phrase about how futile is to teach an old dog new tricks. The challenge facing us today is similar. Experience counts; it’s about learning a new trick and about educating yourself about the old tricks being touted as new. In Clear Boundaries, we tell the stories that empower you to make smart decisions in your everyday actions. We give you the ability to stop living in a defensive posture. Our book provides a safe community of strong, like-minded women who have come together to say Enough, and Time is up, and Me, too. Join us now in standing up to say, Keep it professional!

I Can’t Tell If My Online Contact is a Friend or a Nutcase. What can I do?

Truth and plain speak here: There are pitfalls and dangers in the virtual World, just as in real life. Technology and the Internet are a double-edged blade. The key to finding and maintaining good business relationships, friendships, and connections online is to be aware and cautious without letting fear take over. Authors Jessica Peterson and Christine Beckwith are fully involved in the online world–it’s a large part of both their careers and their personal lives. In Clear Boundaries, these authors advise and inform you about the greatest dangers and the latest safety precautions. The authors have filled Clear Boundaries with valuable and realistic tips from women who have been there and want to equip you to protect yourself.

How Do I Stop Being Afraid and Feel Safe at Work?

Women represent 53% of the business workforce. We hold the majority, for the first time in history. Clear Boundaries is the all-inclusive guide to protect against cyber and in-person threats. It’s time for women to take possession of the ball. No permissions needed! Take your position on the field as part of the offensive team. In Clear Boundaries, we give you the tools and advice to strengthen your position and tip the scales on the side of safety for all businesswomen.

The Excitement! What Our Readers Say

This is such a great idea. In this day and age, women need to be empowered to know that they have the strength and ability to be safe and to build a strong business.

Kelsey Brown Strong Bodies Strong Minds

I’m trying to be patient while waiting for it to be available!

I’m looking forward to the insights on addressing and stopping veiled threats and bullying that erodes trust and morale within teams.

Lea Durbin Best Selling Author

I’m super excited to purchase this for both my daughter and step-daughters. Going to make sure my wife reads it before it goes to the steps.

Joe Robinsmith Dragon Fire Electrical

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