About Our Authors

Christine Beckwith

From a modest start three decades ago in the teller line of a small Massachusetts-based credit union, Christine rose through the ranks of mortgage sales from processing to origination, branch management, and eventually district, regional, and national management.

In doing this she has become a sought-after public speaker on the topics of real estate finance and business planning and today travels the country educating real estate and mortgage finance professionals both in and out of AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

She is a decorated sales veteran, having won sales contests at every level in multiple markets.

Christine has experienced first-hand many scary moments in the corporate world. She barely escaped one from a co-worker badly beaten. A book about safety for women has long been on her mind to create and get out to the world.

Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

Jessica is a bestselling author of five books and has been a featured co-author in three others. After a 20-year career in the banking and financial world, Jessica stepped into her dream and created a Social Media agency to provide a positive impact for the businesses she served and for their clients. Everyone who knows Jessica knows she is a Connector, Supporter, and Protector.

Jessica has collected many accolades, including awards for top sales, top employee, and more. In 2015 she had the honor of being a TEDx speaker in Colorado. She is a certified 100k Impact Business Coach.

After many years of experience and testing social media, Jessica developed a proprietary plan of action to grow your business on social media. She used this simple plan to grow an affiliate team of over 3,000 sales associates worldwide in only one year and was selected as top speaker and trainer out of 260,000 people.

After personally encountering frightening and dangerous situations, she knew this book must be published to protect other women; especially the younger generation entering the workforce.

With her social media experience, she has vital tips and tools to share about safety!