About the Book

Serendipity. Fate. Luck. Call it what you want, when Jessica Peterson and Christine Beckwith finally met, the event was epic. Both are successful businesswomen with a common background as leaders in finance and real estate. Clear Boundaries was born of their shared interest in promoting health and wellbeing for business women. Clear Boundaries is a book filled with stories; some frightful and some heartwarming, and all heartfelt.

In Clear Boundaries, Jessica and Christine have brought together their passions and call upon shared experiences to provide real-life solutions and preventions that every woman - and every man who cares about a woman - in today's world needs to know. 

Their mission is to save at least one life. Could that life be yours? That of a coworker? A friend? A loved one? Become part of the solution. Order Clear Boundaries and save a life today!