The Gift of Safety- Truly Keeps on Giving!

In today’s climate of rising violence against women, what better gift could you give to your female friends and loved ones than a book built for the world we live in today filled and with safety tips that are practical and relevant?

Clear Boundaries has bundled what women need into one handy manual to give every woman vital knowledge from experts in the fields of business travel, self-defense, and hired protection. AND providing shared, real-life stories as experienced by leading businesswomen in America. Gathered into one impactful, high-speed manual you now have wisdom and tactics to protect yourself.

What price would you pay to protect your loved one? Easy answers come to mind: “Priceless.” “At all costs.” Truly, in a perfect world, being willing to pay a finite cost would be enough to ensure safety. The reality that each of us knows, from personal or close experience, is loved ones who have faced tragedy and would do anything to gain back that opportunity to protect.

There is rarely, if ever, a second chance.

The best defense is for each of us to gain and nurture knowledge that will ensure our ability to act in the moment of our own dangerous intersections. What if you could thwart a potential situation simply by knowing how to handle each encounter and taking the appropriate steps initially and continually?

Clear Boundaries is the answer!

Give the Gift of Safety

You have a loved one, likely more than one, who you want to proactively protect from the growing threats that society presents towards females in everyday interactions, both virtually and physically. Grab a copy of for yourself of Clear Boundaries: Every Woman’s Essential Guide to Safety.  This is the handbook and manual created for women by women.

To GIFT a book to your loved one, simply purchase two! And let us know. Join the community. (To buy in bulk for your company, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to accommodate a larger order and offer appropriate savings!)

Give the Gift of Safety and tell those you love that they matter! That they are loved! Tell them that you care enough to help them stay safe. Give the gift of safety today and help your family, friends, daughters, sisters, mothers, coworkers, and employees experience the blanket of safety offered.

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