It Pays to Listen…

Where did the idea for the book, Clear Boundaries: Every Business Woman’s Essential Safety Guide first come from? It is the shared vision of two powerful and intuitive women. Here is a brief introduction from each of their perspectives of the beginning process.

Introduction: Jessica Peterson
It Pays to Listen to Intuition

The thought of safety for business women kept coming up in my head. I was growing my agency, making a super positive difference in the lives of my clients and utilizing my skills as a certified business coach, in addition to running my marketing firm for over five years. Businesswomen safety was not part of my current plan but kept coming into my mind. And each time it did, I was reminded of being advised to listen to messages and my true calling. When people ask me who I am, I say I am a Connector, Supporter, and Protector.

Christine came into my life for a reason; to keep women safe. Although we originally met for a completely different reason: to discuss her being a speaker on an online show. As we started talking, she opened up about her passion to protect women. No way! Here I had manifested a woman to come into my life. This was a definite answer to my thoughts. I must, need, and will act on it! A calling to educate business women on safety.

Yes, I realize we are unable to cover every single scenario. If you have a scary moment and like to share safety tips, please do connect with us. Our goal is to continue our education for women at our website Highly recommend you go there now and share your name and email, so you are notified of new safety tips that could keep you safe!

Christine and I have experienced quite a few different situations. We are here to share them with you and deliver awareness of what can happen to you. Our goal is to PREVENT it from happening to you.

So now Safety for Business Women is added as one of the subjects I speak on, in addition to Productivity, Business Planning, Sales, Networking and Social Media. You can check out a full list of training at We believe it is simple. WOW people. Your Business Grows. You have a prosperous aka WOW life yourself.

Introduction: Christine Beckwith
It Pays to Keep the Faith

You never know when returning a message or phone call can change your life. That is exactly what has happened with me meeting Jessica Peterson. If you ever think you are alone in the world, that there is no other person like you, don’t lose faith. Jessica’s energy, professional drive, and conviction rivals my own and inspires me. In just one conversation we both knew why we had been brought together and now here we are immediately making it happen and at a time it could not be more needed and necessary!

For nearly three decades I have been a professional woman in a business setting. Over those years and traveling across the country I have found myself in dangerous situations. I was fortunate to be given a women’s travel safety training by my previous employer and it has served me very well to protect myself. I am both thankful and saddened to report that, because I have been able to stay alert and apply those techniques, I have saved myself from hurt and harm. As time has passed the frequency of those occurrences and the boldness of those offenses have heightened not lessened and that is alarming in a society where political correctness has increased as has the demand on professionals to be more polished. We are left having to ask ourselves why. I share some facts in the start of Clear Boundaries that help us all understand how we got here. Then with Jessica research and true, shared stories from professional women across America we will tell you how others (and we) survived attacks and most importantly how to protect yourself in all the scenarios we are most likely to find ourselves in the greatest danger.

In a very real way, we are founding a movement that becomes life-saving as more and more join in. One idea we encourage is for every woman who supports safety to add a symbol at the end of their name; a symbol that universally represents that she is a protected and educated woman when it comes to safety. It’s a way of saying that we are not looking for unsolicited romance and stating that if our privacy is violated, we will act on it. Order your copy of Clear Boundaries and join us.

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