“We hope that the gathered information in Clear Boundaries will protect you from dangerous situations. We have agreed if even one life is saved by reading the tips in this book we will have greatly succeeded in spreading our veil of defense.”

–Jessica Peterson and Christine Beckwith


Are you a woman who knows safety is important but are lost on the latest information to keep you safe? Have you been followed by men who had ill intentions? Are you a man who fears for the safety of your women colleagues in business? The readers of this book answer yes to these questions.


It is our pleasure to offer this free media kit. We appreciate those who recognize, as we do, that knowledge and awareness are important tools to ensure safety. Partner with us in using the information in this media kit to promote Clear Boundaries as a book and as a movement. Share book and author details, as well as the outlined contents and juicy excerpts from the book itself. And thank you for joining us in spreading this powerful message. 


It's time to light a fire and shine the light on the dangers business women, indeed all women, face daily. Safety is everyone's concern. No one would light a match in a room filled with gas--unless of course one did not know an explosion would soon follow. Authors Jessica Peterson and Christine Beckwith are energetic, dynamic, and fun speakers who will make sure that audiences and readers alike know what it means to be proactive about safety.


You could be next! Any of us could be. The list of potentially dangerous circumstances is unbelievably long. Have you found yourself in any of these situations?

  • Cab drivers driving in the wrong direction.
  • A business drive ending up in a man’s dark bedroom.
  • Strangers following from hotel bars onto the elevator, looking for your room number.
  • Unwelcome advances leading to awkward professional situations.
  • A woman attacked at work and left in a bathroom, badly injured.

Clear Boundaries is a book about protection. It is about how to respond to, and avoid, threatening situations.

Written by two businesswomen who have endured countless situations, they share their stories and those of fellow business people. Do you have your own story to share? Or desire to support others who have walked this path and look now for peace of mind? Join the community. Share the message.