Stories From Clear Boundaries Readers . . .

Allyn Jo

I  write this for my sisters who were both raped by my father and to this day struggle in life. I myself was able to conquer and overcome in life even though our home was broken.

From the time they were little girls, my dad would rape my sisters. He was also abusive to myself but thank God I was never raped. Later in life, I confronted my father and obtained a confession without him knowing and turned him into law enforcement. They didn't go pick him up. Instead, they called and alerted him and he fled the state.

He currently has 2 felony warrants for his arrest.

I was able to succeed and move along in my life but my sisters need help to bring this man to justice because they are still dealing with the past. I believe only him being brought to justice will help to ease their anxiety and fear because while he is abroad they fear he can always come and terrorize them.

One day I hope to write a book on all this or have someone help me write a book on it but for now, I feel the story just hasn't ended the way I want it to or the way they need it to. Thanks for your help and support.

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